School Of Eternal Youth

Sona Siepakova’s School Of Eternal Youth is made as a story. 

Due to a crisis in her life, Agnes, a woman in her forties, decided to climb a high, difficult-to-access mountain to find the Temple of Rejuvenation

In discussions with the rainbow lady, Sopdet, who lives there, Agnes learns how each of us can live for a very long time in good health.

The Heart, Self-Healing

Eternal youth means...

...that this school is intended for those who wish to stay forever young (i.e. to remain perfectly healthy and fit for a long time), and also for all who really are or feel young. Moreover, eternal youth focuses on our inner child and the physical body which are interlinked. The aspects of playfulness and willingness to share, feeling relaxed and safe, adventure and discovery, creativity and spontaneity, often associated with youth, will make our life worth living at every age. 🙂 

(and later also for listening )