Novel - Loved By The Sun

This four-part novel reflects the inner transformation of a girl who, thanks to spiritual techniques she has learned in a mystery school, finds the strength to become a wise, powerful female pharaoh. Let yourself get inspired…

Akhenaten and Meritaten. Illustration by Sona Siepakova

The novel is set in Egypt... about 1,500 B.C., and it is going to introduce you, in a cheerful, easy-to-read way, to basic as well as advanced techniques of personal development and spiritual growth. With the main character, Meritaten, the daughter of the pharaoh Akhenaten, you are going to learn how to stay balanced so that love might win over fear and heal your relationships.

A girl on a meadow. Illustration by Sona Siepakova

Are you interested?

Each part of the novel contains a couple of songs to lift you up and heal from any suffering. The songs from the novel also appear in the Positive Songbook.