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Sona Siepakova


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(only text please) +420 775 340 775 

Company ID: 732 97 313 ___  I am not a VAT payer. 

Address: Válcovní 1430/30, CZ-70300 Ostrava

Registered in the Commercial Register Ostrava 1, Czech Republic. 


Mgr Sona Siepakova is a writer, composer, artist, and an English teacher. She writes fantasy stories and songs for children, youth and adults. They are cheerful, healing, romantic, and positive. In Czech and English. 

Recently published (or coming soon): the four-part novel Loved By The Sun about a pharaoh’s daughter; the Positive Songbook with healing, romantic and cheerful songs; and the fantasy series about Emily and dragon Alphred which focuses on environmental alchemyMEDIA KIT HERE

A woman's aura. Illustration by Sona Siepakova

Since 2003, Sona Siepakova has also been an English teacher (online plus, because she has a degree in translating English-German (2004), and in Engilsh philology (2007). She holds CPE, BEC HigherShe finished with translation services in 2013Translated books:

Due to her passion for healing and personal development, Soňa Siepaková also provided ethics-therapy as Jan Cindler‘s apprentice (2017-2019). Today, she shares her experience and healing energy through her stories, songs, and art.