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Sona Siepakova


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(only text please) +420 775 340 775 

Company ID: 732 97 313 ___  I am not a VAT payer. 

Address: Válcovní 1430/30, CZ-70300 Ostrava

Registered in the Commercial Register Ostrava 1, Czech Republic. 


Mgr Sona Siepakova is a therapist who creates healing audio tracks with music and harmonising energy. In addition to audio therapy, Sona Siepakova makes cheerful, educational and healing products in Czech and English (including dual-language versions): the four-part spiritual novel Loved By The Sun about a pharaoh’s daughter; Positive Songbook with healing songs for adults as well as children; Owl School Of Eternal Youth; and the fantasy sesies about Emily and dragon Alphred. Sona Siepakova is a former professional freelance translator and teacher of German and English (since 2003). MEDIA KIT HERE

A Light Couple In Love, Illustration by Sona Siepakova


What fascinates me?

I love working with energy and healing singing. I love narrating fairy-tale stories which not only comfort and lift up people but also teach them how they can transform themselves, thus changing their own world. I love the spark in my clients’ eyes when they connect co their soul during therapy, and smile blissfully. I have a degree in translating and interpreting, today I am your enthusiastic interpreter between the worlds. But how did I get to all of that?

Reiki and ethics-therapy

Experience in personal development and energy work since 2008 (including a few reiki initiations between 2009-13) lead me in 2017 to start offering ethics-therapy as Jan Cindler’s apprentice. Moreover, since 2015, I practice Pleiadian Lightwork by Amorah Quan Yin. And since 2019, I have been using methods by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer who channel Orin and Da Ben. I have also been strongly influenced by Jasmuheen since 2012 when I translated her book Pranic Nourishment into Czech.

Healing art

While writing first blog posts to my therapy, I realised I am equally fascinated by the creation of stories, poems, pictures, singing, dancing and composing sipmle music. As a result, I begun developing those passions, and in 2018 I wrote (in Czech and English) the first part of my fantasy novel Loved By The Sun. I illustrated it myself, and together with the Jakubka Studio, I recorded it, and added some music. 

2019 – Part 2 of Loved By The Sun: The School (novel) came out in Czech, as well as the Czech audio book of Part 1, Loved By The Sun: The Garden.

A woman's aura. Illustration by Sona Siepakova

Previous professions

I graduated with two degrees: Bachelor in English and German for translating and interpreting, and Master in English Philology. In 2003, during my studies, I started translating and teaching English and German. In 2008 I worked in Germany as a teacher and interviewer. I am the holder of CPE, BEC Higher. 

Translated books