I invite you gently

I Invite You Gently. A song from Sona Siepakova’s Positive Songbook.

The Positive Songbook contains cheerfulhealing songs for adults as well as children. Singing simple, positive songs will not only lift you up quite quickly, but it might also help you restore your inner peace, health and harmony on all levels in a playful way – using your breath, voice, focus (plus the song’s intention). Moreover, the Positive Songbook contains chords and sheet music (suitable for beginners)

I invite you gently to share your dreams with me. Opportunities, there are plenty how you can happy be! 

I invite you gently to be the biggest light you can be. Your higher self has wisdom, and everything you need!

I invite you gently to open yourself to love! With your creative powers you’ll magnetise new life! 

Let’s explore the options,  let’s see where you can go! We’ll breathe them into being, ’cause life’s supposed to be joy!

I Invite You Gently, Positive Songbook

What inspired me to write this poem / song?

I long to help anyone discover treasures hidden within them. I wish people connected to their inner wisdom, because it can guide us into the right decisions and supports our orientation in the seemingly chaotic world around us. I believe creativity is a natural trait for every human being. Similarly, everybody can heal (themselves or others) if they so desire, in my opinion. Let us balance the reason and competitiveness by renewing our link to intuition and inner peace. 


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