Long Life

Long Life. A song from Sona Siepakova’s Positive Songbook.

The Positive Songbook contains cheerfulhealing songs for adults as well as children. Singing simple, positive songs will not only lift you up quite quickly, but it might also help you restore your inner peace, health and harmony on all levels in a playful way – using your breath, voice, focus (plus the song’s intention). Moreover, the Positive Songbook contains chords and sheet music (suitable for beginners)

It’s your birthright to live long. 

Life is sweet, so let’s enjoy! 

Life loves you and all you need 

is open fully to receive! 

Every atom, every cell 

gets nourished from life’s magic well! 

This eternal loving stream 

youthens you! So let it in!

Long Life, Positive Songbook

What inspired me to write this poem / song?

In association with creativity and meditation, I tend to hear that whenever you dive deep into them, it is as if time has come to a halt. And in that moment we stop aging. Moreover, Kryon (and others) teach us that we should talk to our cells, with our inner wisdom and and inform them that we want to age more slowly… 


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