Love Keeps Knocking

Love Keeps Knocking. A poem from Sona Siepakova’s Alchemy Collection.

Sona Siepakova’s poems for personal and environmental alchemy aim to harmonise us and the world around us with focused intent and love. They are a healing tool in a funny, rhymed form. Their topics may deal with healing traumas, difficult emotions, forgiveness. They will assist you in regaining your strength and enthusiasm. Some poems strive to contribute to the perfect, triple-win resolution of current environmental issues.

If you feel touched by any of these poems, just place your hand on your heart and say ‘yes’ within. You will add your love to mine, and the respective intention will manifest more quicklyThank you for co-creating loving harmony on Earth in this way! 🙂

I am grateful love keeps knocking patiently on your soul’s door.

In the dayliht or at night as silent clouds in the sky flow.

Soon your disappointment will be washed away by drops of rain.

The fresh beauty of rainbow gently grabs you to release your pain. 

That magic moment is approaching. It might be just inches far…

You’ll get new power to begin a wiser, joyful… brand new life!

Suddenly, your nose’s been filled with mesmerising scents of bliss.

Your heart feels like a child in wonder whose cheeks have been gently kissed.

Gone’s the past, sorrow’s forgotten! You are learning how to fly.

As a baby bird. The wind carries you. Just keep your wings open wide.

It’s for sure that this time you will succeed. You will happy be!

Because you’ve allowed to be shown that you’re loved and love is real. 

May you trust your divine guidance. May you hear its tender pull.

Sing and walk courageously! Your path is lit by a big full moon…

Love Keeps Knocking, Positive Songbook

What inspired me to write this poem / song?

I do not remember exactly what had made me write this lines. However, I do recall the wave of ecstatic, childlike enthusiasm when rhymes flew out of me effortlessly like bees from a hive. Each time such euphoria has faded away and I gaze, in awe, at my poem, text or picture, it is tough for me to comprehend how something like that could have possibly come out of me. 🙂 Maybe, this is channeling.


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