Sona Siepakova’s spiritual novel, Loved By The Sun, reflects the inner transformation of a girl.

Thanks to spiritual techniques she has learned in a mystery school, the main character finds the strength to become a wise, powerful female pharaoh.

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    FAIRY'S SONGS (album and songbook)

    Sona Siepakova’s album / songbook Fairy’s Songs contains 22 cheerful, healing and romantic songs

    Some will help you attract a loving relationship, others release the past to open you to something new… 

    Let’s use love, fun and art to start living from the heart! 🙂


    Due to a crisis in her life, Agnes, decided to climb a high, difficult-to-access mountain, to find the Temple of Eternal Youth

    Thanks to Lady Sopdet, who lives there, Agnes learns how to live for a very long time in good health.

      EMILY AND ALPHRED (series)

      Emily and Alphred is a fantasy series about environmental, personal and societal alchemy.

      It is going to show you, in a cheerful, easy way, basic as well as advanced techniques of love alchemy. 

      You will learn how to transform (your) world using love, light and dreams.

      Mgr Sona Siepakova

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